OLYMPUS CF-Q180AL Colonoscope

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Olympus CF-Q180AL with case and valves. Scope is in optimal working and cosmetic condition. Scope is tested and patient ready.

Olympus wide-angle imaging capability enables thorough observation of the colon and may facilitate a reduction in miss rates for shorter examination times and enhanced efficiency.
Clear, sharp, high-quality images in a large-size display.
Auxiliary water function can be combined with dedicated flushing pump, enabling removal of mucus and clots in the colon at the touch of a switch on the scope or on the footswitch unit.
Highly acclaimed innoflex™ Variable Stiffness capability for adjustment of insertion tube flexibility to match the conditions and contours of the colon.
Generous 3.7mm diameter channel accommodates a wide range of treatment devices while preserving satisfactory suction capability. Insertion tube measuring 12.8 mm across with distal end diameter of 13.2mm.
Wide-ranging four-way angulation (180° up/down and 160° right/left).
Scope ID™ function stores individual scope information in the built-in memory chip and displays it on the monitor, facilitating endoscopy suite management and making the scope ready for next-generation system expansion.

Olympus introduces the CF-Q180A video colonoscope, featuring new technology that will help you see more and search less. In addition, the exclusive technology you currently count on such as, innoflex™ Variable Stiffness and an auxilery water jet, continue to be available in this new model. Enhanced imaging performance also allows you to utilize Narrow Band Imaging™ (NBI) to enhance visualization of mucosal morphology. And, thanks to Olympus’ exclusive extra-wide 170° field of view, you may find the miss ratio is reduced, helping to cut examination times and increase efficiency

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