Olympus PCF-160AL Colonoscope

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Innovative adjustable tube and slim design enable smoother, easier insertion into the colon.

Not only does the PCF-160A colonovideoscope feature a slimmer design that reduces patient discomfort, it also
incorporates the groundbreaking variable stiffness insertion tube. Thanks to a built-in coil in the insertion tube that can be expanded or contracted as required, the variable stiffness tube is the world’s first user-adjustable flexible insertion tube.  By allowing you to discretionally modify insertion tube flexibility, the variable stiffness tube reduces the chance of looping and makes insertion beyond the splenic
flexure easier. At the same time, it is expected to reduce the need for abdominal pressure on the sigmoid looping and
improve access to the cecum.

Adjustment knob for control of tube flexibility
Adjusting the tube’s flexibility is quick and easy. All you have to do is turn the knob located just below the control section.  Insertion tube flexibility can be adjusted in
continuous increments to match the internal conditions and contours of the colon.

Anticipated Advantages of Variable Stiffness

-Improved insertion capability minimizes patient discomfort and reduces the time required for examinations.
-The cecum can be reached more easily in cases where insertion is difficult.
-Reduced need for abdominal pressure and position change, reducing staff workload during examinations.

Main Features for Advanced Performance
-The flexibility of the variable stiffness insertion tube can be adjusted to suit the internal conditions and contours of the colon, simply by turning a knob below the control section.
-Slimmer than conventional colonoscopes with a 11.5 mm outer diameter insertion tube, yet still featuring a channel with 3.2 mm inner diameter that’s suitable for routine colonoscopy.
-Superior image quality is delivered even in the expanded full height mode when combined with the dedicated  CV-160 video system center.
-Extra-wide 140° field of view and extensive 4-way angulation (180° up/down and 160° right/left) enable
complete and comprehensive examination of the colon.
-Ergonomically designed grip enhances scope maneuverability while redesigned easy-to-access knobs and userselectable switches improve operability.
-Fully compatible with the CV-160/140/100.
-Scope ID function stores individual scope information and displays it on the monitor to facilitate endoscopy suite


Optical System
Field of view:  140°
Direction of view:  0° Forward viewing
Depth of field:  3 to 100 mm

Distal End
Outer diameter:  11.3 mm

Insertion Tube
Outer diameter:  11.5 mm

Bending Section
Angulation range:  Up 180°, Down 180°, Right 160°, Left 160°

Working Length
L:1680 mm, I:1330 mm

Total Length
L:2005 mm, I:1655 mm

Instrument Channel
lnner diameter:  3.2 mm
Minimum visible distance:  5 mm from the distal end
Endo-Therapy accessory entrance/exit position in field of view

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