Aerolase Lightpod Era 2012 Gentle Skin Rejuvenation

Excellent Condition. 6 months warranty for parts & labor.

For more information, please check at or email us at


This is 2012 Aerolase Lightpod Era. very Excellent Condition.
Comes complete with all acc’s and manual box.
Comes with 3 different lenses (5mm lens, the 3mm lens, and the 2mm lens) 
Includes a case, goggles, manuals, foot pedal and switch

Product description:

Gentle Skin Rejuvenation with Profound Results.

Profound skin rejuvenation in a single treatment – with less downtime than any other modality.
The LightPod Era represents a new era in skin rejuvenation. The Era is a high precision 2940 nm laser that delivers high fluence in a unique collimated beam, employing a gentle 300-microsecond pulse duration. The laser uniquely allows for independent depth of ablation of shallow or deep indications within a treatment site, as well as precision targeting of difficult contours of the nose and periocular areas.
The LightPod Era literally vaporizes epidermal skin imperfections leaving the deeper layers of skin untouched. Treatments are quick, safe, and minimally invasive with low patient discomfort alleviated with a standard topical anesthetic.
LightPod Era allows patients to achieve profound rejuvenation on the widest range of skin conditions including eradication of wrinkles (periocular fine lines, crow’s feet, smoke wrinkles), scar resurfacing (acne scars, burn scars), sun damage, age spots and other cutaneous lesions, and pore reduction among other treatments.
The LightPod Era also allows for completely non-invasive subablative skin rejuvenation technique when optimum amounts of laser energy are absorbed within the skin without disrupting the epidermis. This results in evening out the skin and the overall improvement of its look and texture.
The LightPod Era offers a high return-on-investment for the practitioner due to its unique ability to deliver profound skin rejuvenation in one minimally invasive treatment, exceptional treatment versatility and the lack of costly consumables or maintenance. Patients are thrilled to see their skin rejuvenated in a single low discomfort treatment.
LightPod® Era™ will be your product of choice for the most common and challenging ablative procedures:

Wrinkles and fine lines
Acne scars
Cutaneous lesions
Post surgical scars
Skin resurfacing: laser peels, acne scar reduction/minimization, and full face
The Era laser combines proprietary MicroPulse-2940™, a modality that efficiently removes tissue, with sophisticated energy parameters for precision ablation and minimized downtime.

Minimum procedural discomfort
Rapid recovery
Tissue cools between pulses
High patient satisfaction
Versatility: single procedure or a program of laser peels
Only a beam of laser light touches the skin

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