Aerolase Lightpod Forte

This is 2012 Aerolase Lightpod Forte.
Excellent Condition. 6 month warranty

Comes complete with all acc’s and manual box.
Comes with 3 different lenses (5mm lens, the 3mm lens, and the 2mm lens)
Includes a case, goggles, manuals, foot pedal and switch

For more information, please check or email us at


Product description:

The highest power 1064nm Podiatry laser, providing the shortest treatment times.
In order to superheat the tissue beneath the nail and, in particular, to reach the depth of the nail matrix, it is necessary to use a powerful, deep-heating laser modality within a tolerable  pulse duration. Aerolase offers this unique combination with the LightPod Forte.
The LightPod Forte also provides an matched return-on-investment for the practitioner due to its high efficacy, treatment versatility, system portability, and the lack of costly consumables or maintenance.

The LightPod Forte delivers laser energy at the 1064nm wavelength and with an optimum 650-microsecond pulse duration. This type of laser is capable of penetrating through the nail and into the nail matrix, heating the tissue deep in the nail bed to maximize coagulation of soft tissue contaminated with fungus. The treatment of nails with a LightPod laser is fast and convenient – it takes approximately 5 to 15 seconds to cover a single nail with laser pulses, so each treatment session can be less than 10 minutes. The same laser is also highly effective in treating warts while sparing the surrounding skin tissue, unlike CO2 lasers and surgical excision. It is also ideal for treatment of spider veins, ulcers and other conditions of the foot and ankle

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