DCU-10 Color Doppler Ultrasonic Diagnostic Ultrasound

The DCU-10 ultrasound has cutting edge image processing techniques with advanced practical clinical solutions. Applicable to diagnosis of abdomen, gynecologic, obstetric, superficial organ, cardiac, peripheral vascular, urology, and orthopedic surgery.


Professional veterinary software
10.4″ high definition and flicker free color medical LCD monitor
Super capacity battery allows for 120 minutes working tike
Multi-language operating system: Chinese, English, Russia, Portuguese
Multiple Operating Modes: B, B/M, CFM, PDI, PW

B Mode
Bacoustic output: 25% 50% 75% 100%B Gain:0,..127
Depth Contrast: 32,..252mm(35 scales with different probe) 30,..100dB
Frequency: 4 different frequencies
Harmonic: 2 grades
M Mode
Macoustic output: 25% 50% 75% 100% MGain: 0,..127dB
Depth: 3
M Contrast: 27,..100dB
M Scanning speed: 1,..8scales
M Sample line adjustable and Visual M workingmode: scanning & rolling
Frequency: 4 different frequencies
Harmonic: 2 grades
Acoustic output: 25% 50% 75% 100%
CFMGain: 0,..127dB
Color frequency: 2 different Max 
PRF: 7.5kHz
MinPRF: 0.35kHz
CFM wall filter: 8 steps(50-350Hz)
Sensitivity: 6 kinds
Color persistence: 4 steps Color
Threshold: 6 kinds
Color balance: 16 steps
Color smoothing: 3 steps
Artifact Elimination: 2 steps
Adjustable linear array of color deflection Image optimizer: 12 grades
PW Mode
Acoustic output:25% 50% 75% 100%PWGain:0,..127dB
PW Contrast:13steps(0-120)PW frequency:2
PW wallfilter: 8steps50-350Hz
Noise control: 4 grades
Sampling volume width: 0.5-20mmAngle correction
Adjustable baseline: 7 steps
Max PRF(speed): 7.5kHzMin PRF(speed):0.35kHz
Speed ruler: 8 steps
Sound volume: adjustable
Adjustable linear array of color deflection
Technical Specification

Dual power-supply system: AC110/230 -15%~+10%,60/50Hz±1Hz
Image storage, cine loop storage, cine loop = 300 frames, 16G hard disk storage
Dimension: 400 mm(L) 186mm(W) 385mm(H)
Unit weight: 8.8 Kg(without probe) 
GrayScale: 256
ColorScale: 256
Power supply: AC110/230-15%,..+10%,60/50Hz±1Hz
Consumption: =150VA 

Thermal printerUP-897MD
Working Station to store image, report and print
Memory card C support file management, software upgrade and one key to store
DICOM port
Probe sockets for auto-identifying the probe
System setting
Basic setting: Language, time, date, key-sound, PAL/NTSC, etc
Formula Preset: Cattle, dogs, horses, cats, goats, camels and sheep and pigs pre-gestational age birth
Note Preset: Disease, Routine, abdominal, obstetric, cardiac, urology, superficial seven kinds, preset for each common noun, and you can add modify it user-friendly while necessary
Storage Preset: BMP and PNG
Password Preset
Imaging Processing
Total Gain: 0,..127dBTGC:8stages
Acoustic output: 25% 50% 75% 100%
IE: 0,..3
Frame correlation: 0,..3IPCGama correction):0,..7 Compressing curve:0,..7
Measurement & Calculation
OB measurement: Cattle, dogs, horses, cats, goats, pre-gestational age birth, report
Urological measurement & analysis with report
Superficial organs measurement & analysis with report
Cardio measurement & analysis with report

Standard Configuration
Main unit; Two probe sockets; convex probe; linear probe; LI battery: RYLB-02
Optional Configuration 
Linear rectal probe; Trolley; Thermal printer UP-897MD

For more information, please contact us at sales@bastmed.com

or check http://www.bastmed.com


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