AMREX U/HVG50 Both Transducers Combo Sound/Stim

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Amrex U/HVG50 Combo Ultrasound+ HV w/ Both Transducers 

Professional Price: $5,300.00 

Your Price: $3,450.00 

You Save: $1,850.00 

Three widely used therapeutic modalities are provided by the U/HVG50: low voltage galvanic (dc) stimulation, high volt stimulation and ultrasound. 
Low voltage galvanic (dc) allows the practitioner to conduct denervation testing or to perform iontophoresis applications. 
High volt stimulation produces no heat under the electrodes and therefore causes less tissue irritation. 
Ultrasound allows for increased cell permeability with greater metabolic . exchange across the cell wall. While providing micro-massage to the patient, the ultrasound produces an analgesic and thermal effect when applied to the nerve root and primary treatment site. 
Each of the three modalities may be combined with either low voltage galvanic (dc) or high volt stimulation simultaneously through the ultrasound transducer. 
Ultrasound Features: 
• Lightweight standard transducer 
• Optional QuickConnect transducer 
• Optional small transducer with QuickConnect cable 
• Cable fault alarm system 
• Transducer protection switch 
• Adjustable interrupted output mode 
• 0 to 20 watt output 
• 30 minute timer 
High Volt Stimulator Features: 
• Dual channel, 4 pad high volt pulsed dc stimulator 
• Selectable frequencies – pulsation to tetanize 
• Selectable surge and reciprocal rates – ramped 
• Intensity reset circuit 
• Combination therapy capability 
Low Voltage Galvanic Features: 
• Single channel, 2 pad low voltage galvanic (dc) 
• 0 to 10 mA current for iontophoresis treatments 
• Adjustable surge and alternating polarity surge rates 
• Combination: iontophoresis/phonophoresis with FDA approved substances 
• Two Year Warranty – Generator – Parts and Labor 
• One Year Warranty – Transducer – Parts and Labor 
• CSA Approved

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