Biolase iLase dental wireless laser

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Our best price US$2400


The, wireless 940nm laser iLase cleared personnel with a wide range of soft tissue procedures and hygiene. Compared to other soft tissue laser, wavelength 940 nm of iLase is better absorbed by hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin. Combined with up to 5 W of maximum power and only ComfortPulse ™ mode provides efficient and comfortable iLase cutting soft tissues. And only uses a rechargeable iLase finger and intuitive control – absolutely no foot pedal or cables!

7400040-01 iLase System model includes:

• iLase handpiece (1)

• iLase Handpiece Carrying Case (1)

• Rechargeable Battery (2)

• Cover autoclave for handpiece (2)

• Grips extra cover (2)

• Charging station up to 4 batteries (1)

• Laser Safety Glasses (physician) (2)

• Laser Safety Glasses (patient) (1)

• Single use bendable ezTips ™ (1 box)

• Tip Initiation Kit (1)

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