Cadent iTero Dental Digital 3D Impression Scanner

Cadent iTero Dental Digital 3D Impression Scanner

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Mechanics: Tested – unit powers, is fully functional

Unit has only been used for 19 scans in the last year and rarely used, ships directly from a private clinic working

Aesthetics: Excellent condition, some marks, scratches and typical signs of use

Paper pasted on the screen is to protect patient privacy – unit has no signs of damage under the paper, as shown in other images

include parts, accessories or items not shown


Includes only items shown: Cadent iTero Unit (including monitor, power cord, camera scanning, and base unit with software version

Warranty: Return policy 30 days, guaranteed


Model HDU-U
Series: U1312M4MAR05RU3
Date of construction: 2012

His patients have a comfortable, free printing

Eliminate unpleasant impressions
Patients feel the benefits of high technology, experience chairside
No more clutter and nausea associated with traditional prints

State of the art technology provides outstanding image accuracy

The accuracy of scanning: Technology iTero capture images of the entire tooth without sampling data for accurate analysis, unlike other scanners that fill in missing information through algorithms.

More accurate restorations:
Virtually eliminates remakes to less than 0.5% 1
Restorations seat more easily, reducing seating appointments by 22% 1
Milling accurately models allow laboratories to create highly accurate restorations

Eliminates the hassle of printing and reprints
Shorter appointments seats by 22% and virtually eliminates return appointments
No dust swept patient comfort
Provides real-time, high-impact display to help educate patients

The advanced intraoral scanning technology makes it easy

Not require the application of dust in the teeth, making it easy to use iTero
Wand can rest on the teeth to facilitate exploration. Other scanners must hover between 5 mm and 15 mm of the tooth to remain in focus
The analysis can be performed by a single operator
Being the day after 8-10 scans, 80% of dentists delegate all or some of scanning a dental assistant

ITero only provides the advantages of compatibility with Invisalign

Treatment plans are published ClinCheck 50% faster1 that for cases using traditional prints
Scanning with iTero translates to 7 times less adjustment ISSUES2 aligner
Only 0.4% of intraoral scans are rejected, compared with 4% of PVS impressions
No more clutter and nausea associated with traditional prints
The simulator results Invisalign helps patients to visualize how your teeth can see the end of Invisalign treatment

It makes your practice more efficient

Virtually eliminate the cost and hassle of traditional prints
Open digital workflow ensures seamless integration with labs, CAD / CAM systems and solutions Straumann and Biomet 3i1 including validated
Exclusive Integration with Invisalign increases the efficiency of your practice

Weight: 300 pounds | Dimensions: 48 cm X 48 cm X 60 cm (L x W x H)

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