Gendex GXCB-500

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Experience more advanced anatomical views by capturing 3D images in your office. Achieve highly accurate assessments withimmediate GXCB-500, developed by i-CAT. This breakthrough, Cone Beam 3D imaging technology has been incorporated into a system with cutting-edge affordability.


Model: Gendex GX CB-500 (G1-15-1-0)
    *  Manufacture Date: June 2008

      Comes with PC and monitor to run the machine, as well as the i-CATVision software and everything else you will need to run the machine.

 Manufacturer Description:

Remarkably Fast, Remarkably Accurate

    * Rapid 8.9 second scan time
    * Full 3-D reconstruction in less than 20 seconds
    * Benefit from distortion-free images to reveal critical anatomical details
    * Transition quickly from 3-D to 2-D panoramic with a mouse click – no need to switch sensors!

Targeted Treatments, Surgical Predictability

    * 360 degree, 3-D Scans capture oral and maxillofacial features
    * Standard “Jaw” Scan, 8 cm diameter x 8 cm height: Supports implant planning, endodontics, and surgeries
    * Extended Diameter Scan, 14 cm diameter x 8 cm height: Assists with TMJ evaluation and airway analysis

Implementation As Easy As 1-2-3-D

    * i-CATVision™ software included and freely shared
    * DICOM 3 compatible images easily exported to third-party applications

no : 2,,, Planmeca Promax Dimax 3 w/ TOMO Digital XRAY Dental Pan

Planmeca ProMax offers a variety of imaging modalities in one intelligent X-ray unit.

•Panoramic radiography for general diagnostics of the tooth arch and the jaw.
•Advanced panoramic radiography for specific diagnostics of the tooth arch, jaw maxillary sinuses and TMJ.
•Dental tomographic slices for detailed morphologic diagnostics of facial bones.
•Rotational freedom – the SCARA arm can produce any rotation pattern. Network Connectivity.
•Graphical user interface.
•Advanced collimation.
•Upgradable software.
•Dimax 3 Sensor
Upgradable to 3D Imaging

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