SOPRO LIFE – Camera Handpiece (S 900 0002)

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SOPROLIFE is a device for observing the condition of hard dental tissues by fluorescence, used during diagnosis and treatment of decayed areas. SOPROLIFE is intended for the clinical practice of general dentistry, directed towards MID (Minimally Invasive Dentistry) in conservative odontology. Its use is to inform you about the state of tissue on which you work. SOPROLIFE needs to be used with a distal tip or a light shield in both diagnosis aid mode and treatment aid mode. These accessories provided with SOPROLIFE enable displacement of ambient lighting.


Infinite Fixed-focus and a large depth of field,from portrait to a single tooth.
Real time caries detection
Dual Mode
Unmatched lighting system
Optimized Ergonomics
SOPROTOUCH – Capture Images with the slide of a finger
High-fidelity images

Technical Specs:
CCD high sensitivity ¼’’ CCD
Resolution (752×582) PAL ; (768×494) NTSC
Lighting : White Mode : 4 LED
Blue Mode : 4 LED
Adjustments : 4 pre-set positions (Extra-oral, Intra-oral, LIFE, Macro)
Freeze frame with SoproTouch or pedal (option)
Angle of view : 70°
Cable length : 2.5 m
Dimensions of the hand piece in mm : L.200 x W.30 x H.24
Weight : 78 g

Available Separate Order :
Sopro LIFE Camera & Dock USB2 (KIT 900 1115) : $3,609
Sopro LIFE Camera & Dock M-VIDEO (KIT 900 1012) : $4,281
Sopro LIFE Camera & Dock M-USB (KIT 900 1001) : $4,981

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