XGenus DC Dental X-Ray Radiography System

Please email us at sales@bastmed.com or http://www.bastmed.com for more questions.


Whether you want to take fast, high-contrast, wet-film images during endodontic procedures or capture detailed digital images for superior diagnostic capability, xgenus gives you just the images you need, when you need them. Why invest in two separate systems when the xgenus system gives you the advantages of both? With xgenus, you enjoy the benefits of flexibility without sacrificing ease of operation. The result is savings of both time and money.


The self-calibrating, microprocessor-controlled timer is easy to install, test, and operate. Anatomical settings assure optimal images. You can increase or decrease exposure time with the push of a button and lock in your settings, if desired. The timer automatically alerts you with an error message if problems occur.


The xgenus system allows you to use a single timer contol for two operatories. Install a low frequency (AC) head in one operatory and high frequency (DC) head in another. You can instantly switch from room to room and have both capabilities at your fingertips.


Mobile Stand-Flexible in design and function to accommodate any office situation.

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