Price $9,800


3 years warranty.
Simple point-and-freeze operation makes the Portascan+ the scanner of choice for the busy clinical environment. The Portascan+ calculates the bladder volume automatically from an ultrasound image. A built-in thermal printer provides a permanent hard copy printout of results for accurate record keeping and archiving.

Wireless Communication
The Mediwatch Portaflow Advanced enables wireless integration of uroflow or PSA data. Results may be printed on the in-built thermal printer or sent to a Bluetooth® desktop printer for a full printout of a complete bladder report showing:
Bladder images
Uroflow graph
Urinalysis data
Post void volume
Uroflow data
PSA value
Features and Benefits
Real-time ultrasound scanning & image capture
Simple, intuitive software with touch-screen input
3.5 – 5.0 MHz abdominal probe for adults & children
Automatic bladder volume calculation
Touch-screen length & width callipers for kidney or other organ measurement
Large database for storage of images, records and reports
In-built thermal printer for immediate results
Bluetooth® wireless connectivity (with PortaflowTM or BioscanTM PSAwatchTM reader)
On-board touch-screen virtual keyboard for data input
Optional USB input / output
Integrated carry handle & protective screen cover
Materials Included
Portascan+ Scanner
3.5/5.0MHz Probe
2 batteries
Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 36 cm (W) x 25 (H) cm x 9 cm (D)
Weight: 3.0 Kgs with battery & probe
Screen: 8.4 inch colour SVGA TFT LCD
Probe Frequencies: 3.5 \ 5.0 MHz
Accuracy: 0-699ml +/- 10% +/- 20ml, 700-1500 ml +/- 7.5% +/- 25 ml
Organ Volume: 0-1500 ml
Scanning Method: Mechanical Sector
Input Method: Touchscreen or optional USB keyboard/mouse
Operating System: Windows XP on compact flash
Power: Rechargeable internal battery or external power supply
Battery Life: 3 hours
Operating Conditions: 8 to 40°C, up to 90% RH (20°C)
Environmental Requirements: -10 to 40°C
Connectivity: USB and Bluetooth
CE Marked: 0843
1 year warranty

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