Please email us at sales@bastmed.com or http://www.bastmed.com for more details.


The Gz-0702 is a Diagnostic PC based Audiometer. The Gz-0702 is controlled by a dedicated 15 in. laptop computer, a dedicated printer and a metal carrying case for the Audiometer and all its accessories. A light weight, compact designed, powerful, microprocessor controlled, hearing evaluation tool, the ideal choice for professionals on the move. Generate Audiogram and automatically generate PTA

Technical info: Output, Air Conduction/Bone Conduction,masking with NB/WN/SN/PN, test signal includes, tone, warble and pulse.

Frequency and maximum output intensity
Frequency AC BC
125 75
250 95 70
500 110 70
750 110 70
1000 110 70
1500 110 70
2000 110 70
3000 110 70
4000 110 70
6000 105 70
8000 95 65

There’a 1 year parts and labor Warranty on the Laptop and the GZ0702. Please don’t worry about service after the sale,
Gzrisound Engineers are a phone call away!

*Usb from computer to instrument for power connection.
*15 in. dedicated laptop with printer.
*TDH-39 Headphones
*Patient response switch
*B-71 bone oscillator, head band and cord.
*USB connection cable
*User Manual
*Software CD
*Calibration Certificate dated the day instrument is purchased.
*Metal carrying case

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