ConMed AER Defense Smoke Evacuation System


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Product Description:

The ConMed AER Defense Smoke Evacuation System is in excellent condition, and certified to proper operating specifications.

Warranty: 90 Days Parts & Labor.

The AER Defense Smoke Evacuator is ConMed’s Surgical Smoke Evacuation System intended to remove smoke, aerosols and noxious odors produced during electrosurgical procedures. The AER Defense offers:

  • Four different modes of operation, making it the most versatile smoke evacuator on the market.
  • 11% (7 dBA) quieter than our previous model.
  • The ULPA-grade filter has 99.9995% efficiency at 0.1 micron particle size.
  • Filter life of up to 35 hours.
  • The AER Defense coupled with the ConMed GoldVac Smoke Evacuation Pencil provides an exceptional combination to protect your staff and patients from the hazards of surgical smoke in the OR.
  • For more details, please check at or email at

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