Zimmer ATS 1200 Automatic Tourniquet System


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Product Description:

Zimmer ATS 1200 Automatic Tourniquet System

The lightweight Zimmer ATS 1200 Automatic Tourniquet System is a single-port, dual-cuff surgical tourniquet system with microprocessor controls and proprietary safety features that make tourniquet application and monitoring convenient and reliable. These key design elements free the healthcare team to focus on surgery.

Zimmer ATS 1200 Automatic Tourniquet System Features:

Safety: Battery back-up, visual and audio alarms, positive locking connectors, and other proprietary features help ensure patient safety. Cuff lockout feature keeps the cuff inflated even if the unit is turned off.
Reliability: Advanced microprocessor technology includes self-diagnostic tests and continuous monitoring for consistently dependable performance.
Convenience: Fast inflation and deflation save time for busy operating room personnel. Ergonomic contours facilitate handling and operation for positive, confident control.
High Quality Inflation: The A.T.S. 1200 Tourniquet System addresses important concerns in medical tourniquet system design, providing the features that healthcare facilities demand for safety, reliability and convenience.
Patient Safety:
Dual cuffs provide precise, independent monitoring and performance for bilateral or bier block procedures.
Accurate pressure monitoring for patient safety and confidence.
Positive-locking connectors supply safe, leak-free inflation.
Angled ports keep connectors clear of the surgical site.
Visual and audio alarms readily detect pressure variations.
Cuff Features:
Low-profile cuffs stay in place without discomfort.
Select reusable cuffs or disposable sterile cuffs to eliminate cross-contamination.
Cuff sleeves help reduce wrinkles, pinching, and shearing of soft tissue.
Color-coded cuffs from 8-42 in. accommodate virtually all patients and limbs.
User Friendly:
Large LED display is adjustable and easy to read, even from a distance.
Simple setup includes user-defined default pressure and time settings.
Lightweight, portable unit can be mounted on an I.V. pole or placed on a table.
45-minute battery backup to help ensure continuous power.

The A.T.S. Family: The A.T.S. family of Automatic Tourniquet Systems is designed to meet the specific demands of a variety of healthcare facilities, orthopedic and clinical applications. Zimmer tourniquet cuffs are a leader in the industry.

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