ALTAIR INSTRUMENTS Diamondtome DM5000 Microdermabraders


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Diamondtome Model DM5000 Microdermabrasion System

If you are looking for the best Microdermabrasion machine on the market, look no further.

The DiamdondTome DM5000 is the Original Crystal free Diamond Microdermabrasion system and is still the most effective, durable, easy to use system in the industry.

Crystal free microdermabrasion offers a safe and proven method of removing the outer most layer of skin by using variable degrees of coarseness on patented diamond tip wands. The dead skin is then pulled away from the skin using powerful and precise vacuum. This Crystal free microderm will lower your consumable costs, eliminate the mess, and will never clog when compared to a traditional crystal microderm.

Your clients will see an immediate improvement in tone and texture. Skin will appear polished and radiant. With continued use, over time the client will see an increase in collagen and elastin production resulting in reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and hyper pigmentation.

The Diamondtome DM5000 will also help increase the efficacy of many other treatments, including:

CO2 laser resurfacing
Micro needling
Chemical peels
Oxygen facials
Many more

With a relatively low cost to own and an average of $120 per treatment to your customer, the return on investment potential is almost limitless.

1 Model DM5000A Console
6 DiamondTome™ Wands:
1 DN75 DiamondTome™ Round Tip Fine
2 DN100 DiamondTome™ Round Tip Medium
1 DN125 DiamondTome™ Round Tip Coarse
1 DN175 DiamondTome™ Round Tip X-Coarse
1 DC30-100 DiamondTome™ Contoured Body Wand Medium
4 T2000 Tube Sets with 50 Single Use Filter Discs and Brush
1 F4001 Combo HEPA filter
1 ESR100 Endozime Plus Cleaning Solution
1 MPB100 Medical Patient Brochures 100 pack
1 TTD100 8X10 Table Top Poster
1 BB100 Brass Brush – Autoclavable
1 TWZ100 Tweezers
1 CD100 Information and Training CD
1 Hospital Grade Power Cord
DiamondTome™ Console Warranty – 3 years
DiamondTome™ Wands Warranty – 2 years

Size: 15.5” x 11” x 8” Weight: 32.5 lbs

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