Steris Amsco 3080 Surgery Table

Steris Amsco 3080 Surgery Table

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The Amsco Amsco 3080 RL and 3080 SP Surgical Tables are modern surgical tables with a 400 lb. weight capacity (in normal position). Features Include: Wired Hand Control, Battery Operations, Hydro-Electric Brakes and C-Arm Compatibility. Also Included: Return to Level, North American Side Rails, fit most accessories.

The Steris Amsco 3080 RL and SP are Completely Refurbished: Includes New Pad Set (2). The Steris Amsco 3080 Series Surgical Tables are a Multi-Purpose Operating Tables and a great choice for almost any surgical settings.

C-Arm Compatible Table Top
Wired Hand Control
400 lbs Weight Capacity(depending on model)
Battery Operation
Hydraulic Floor Locks
Return to Level
North American Side Rails Fit Most Accessories
Pricing for “RL” model (Return to level).
Includes New Pad Set (2″)

Positioning includes:

+/- Height
+/- Back
+/- Foot
+/- Tilt
+/- Trendelenburg
+/- Flex, and return-to-level

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