Alcon CONSTELLATION Purepoint Laser

For more details, please check or email us Our best price US$55,000.00

This laser is turning out to be one of the best lasers for 532 wavelength on the market today. Super reliable, easy to maintain and easy to service.

The Alcon CONSTELLATION Vision System The latest generation of high speed vitrectomy machines, setting a new standard in High Speed Vitrectomy.
The unit features 5,000 cpm vitrectomy probe with duty cycle control, integrated pressurized infusion and IOP compensation, advanced xenon illumination and an embedded 532 nm laser.
Choosing the Constellation offers a new level of efficiency and performance.

Alcon Constellation Vision System XLT

*MFG 2012******In use for only 8 cases*****


*Articulating Arm and Tray

*Integrated Pure Point 532 Laser

*Primary and back up Xenon light source illumination

*Hi Speed 5,000 cpm vitrectomy probe

*Duty cycle control

*integrated Pressure infusion

Alcon-CONSTELLATION-Purepoint-Laser Alcon-CONSTELLATION-Purepoint-Laser-bAlcon-CONSTELLATION-Purepoint-Laser-c

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