Waters Micromass Quattro Micro LC-MS-MS (Triple Quat MSMS) System w Waters 2795

For more details, please check http://www.bastmed.com or contact us sales@bastmed.com

Our best price US$35,300.00 or email us your best offer.

This Waters Micromass Quattro Micro LC-MS-MS System is enabled with Waters 2795 and is in excellent condition. This System Includes:
Waters Mircomass Quattro Micro Quadrupole System
Waters 2795 Separations Module HPLC
Waters 2996 Photodiode Array Detector (PDA)
Vacuum Pump
Computer with MassLynx 4.1 Software
All Required Cables
System features include:
Accurate, reproducible chromatographic peak area measurement
Robust ZSpray™ atmospheric pressure ionization interface
Versatile range of ionization options
Multimode capability in a single run
Automated instrument optimization and quantitative method development tools
Dedicated application managers for your specialized analytical requirements
Small footprint that sits easily on your laboratory benchtop
Accurate reproducible chromatograph peak measurement
Application manager for specialized analytical requirements
Quantitative method development.


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