E4D CAD CAM with Milling Unit Camera Dental System

E4D CAD CAM with Milling Unit Camera Dental System

In Excellent Condition. 2010 Mfg. Warranty 12 month.

For more details, please check http://www.bastmed.com or email us at sales@bastmed.com

Must buy. Very perfect condition. Cadcam E4D Version 4.6 Only used for about 20 patients.

E4D CAD CAM with Milling Unit Camera Dental System

E4D Dentist is a complete powder-free chair side CAD/CAM system for digital impressioning, designing and fabricating metal-free inlays, onlays, crowns, and veneers in your office – or collaborating with your laboratory via the E4D® Sky network. You control the workflow.

Scan Without Powder & Design Intuitively and Easily

E4D’s high-speed laser makes a digital impression of the preparation and proximal teeth to create an interactive 3D image. The laser technology captures images from multiple angles for fast, easy and accurate scanning. The software builds a library of images that wraps around a precise virtual model in seconds. All without powder. The 3D image shows the actual dentition to recreate the exact oral environment in minimal time.

Mill With Precision

Through wired or wireless connection, the E4D sends designs to the Milling Center to fabricate restorations from the latest metal-free materials offered by 3M ESPE® and Ivoclar Vivadent®. The system calculates custom milling paths to optimize performance and restoration integrity. Dual spindles mill both sides of the restoration simultaneously. The automatic tool changer selects the appropriate bur and replaces worn burs automatically. The mill’s patented robust design minimizes vibration for micron-precise accuracy. And touch screen controls make the whole process easier.

Extend Your Capabilities

E4D Sky offers a full range of dental services and possibilities to fit the needs of your practice. You can send your scan data to expert E4D Sky Lab technicians to design, mill or complete your restorations. Certified E4D Labs that offer a wide range of services can also be contacted via E4D Sky to assist with a broad range of cases and material options. E4D Sky enables your office to export case files in an open file format (.stl). You can provide the .stl file to any third party for review or completion, expanding your capabilities to virtually any dental solution.


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