Kodak 8000 Digital Dental Panoramic X-Ray System with PCI Card.

For more details, please email me at sales@bastmed.com or check www.bastmed.com

Our best price US$8,500

Easier by Design

With the Kodak Carestream 8000 Digital Panoramic System, you perform all of the image programming on your computer, using a clear, user-friendly interface. A series of easy-to-follow steps makes it fast and simple to set patient and image parameters, leaving you more time for your patients.

Real-Time Diagnoses

The 8000 system enables you to capture crystal-clear TMJ, panoramic, segmented panoramic, and maxillary sinus images – without waiting. Results are immediate, so you can make accurate diagnoses on-the-spot and communicate treatment options to your patients more effectively.

Better Comfort and Safety

Face-to-face positioning makes it easier to align your patients, keep them comfortable, and minimize positioning errors. And low radiation exposure may mean a safer treatment and environment for your staff and patients.

Kodak Carestream 8000 Digital Panoramic System features:

Face-to-face positioning
Operator has better contact and control.
Proper patient alignment is easier.
The need for additional exposures is minimized.
Patients are more relaxed.
Powerful Processing Made Simple

Kodak Carestream Dental Imaging Software makes analysis easy with a number of powerful image-processing capabilities. From contrast and brightness to magnification and full-screen display, you have a full range of tools at your disposal to help you get the most out of your radiographs.

Efficient Integration

The digital radiographs you acquire can be easily integrated into your practice management software. This allows you to share them with coworkers, colleagues, insurance companies, and other organizations, saving time and improving workflow efficiency.


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