Stryker System 7 Reciprocating Saw 7206 with SmartLiFE Large Battery 7215

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What’s Included:

1X – Stryker System 7 Reciprocating Saw
Ref: 7206-000-000

1X – Stryker System 7 SmartLiFE Large Battery
Ref: 7215

System 7 Heavy Duty Power Tools

System 7 design features were engineered based upon feedback from those in the healthcare industry who are directly affected by the performance of their heavy duty power tools. The enhanced design, paired with extensive quality and performance testing, ensures that these specialized power tools offer the most innovative, highest performing system backed by best-in-class service from Stryker.

Features & Benefits
Key advantages include:
Sagittal saw is significantly quieter than previous generations
Stryker SmartLiFE Li-Ion batteries with exclusive ACP Technology provide a longer, more reliable battery life (small battery runs 220% longer, large battery run 183% longer), increasing efficiency in the O.R.
An innovative rotary handpiece offering substantially increased torque, providing optimum performance with an improved power-to-weight ratio (29% reduction in overall system weight)
Integrated SORN Remote Device Management enables the transfer of device usage data to Stryker support teams to help monitor and recommend ongoing maintenance – reducing down time in the O.R.
Sealed sterilization containers minimize processing time and reduce the use of blue wrap creating a more sustainable solution
Design enhancements make it lighter, more powerful and easier to use
3 year warranty


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