Siemens Acuson P10 Pocket Portable Ultrasound

Siemens Acuson P10 Ultrasound Equipment

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The Siemens Acuson P10 ultrasound equipment is a hand-held device for diagnostics and screening needs. This portable device can be used anywhere and any time which makes it an ideal candidate for emergency applications. The Acuson P10, or as it is also known, the Pocket Ultrasound, allows for extreme portability and ease of use. The Acuson P10 will revolutionize the way practices use ultrasound technology, and can be a powerful addition to any clinical practice.

The Acuson P10 ultrasound system can be used for a variety of clinical applications, including OB/GYN, cardiology, and emergency medicine. This machine also boasts instant power up as well as an easy to use PDA interface. The Pocket Ultrasound hosts an array of functions, including high-quality imaging and a USB port for information sharing and upgrades.
Acuson P10 Ultrasound Product Description
  • 2-4Mhz phased array transducer for 2D-mode imaging
  • Distance, Perimeter, and Area measurements
  • Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card slot
  • docking station/battery charger
  • ACUSON P10 Viewer™ software
  • Doppler-size ultrasound gel
 Clinical Applications
  • Emergency Medicine
  • OB/GYN
  • Cardiology
 The Pocket Ultrasound Acuson P10 is an ideal option for practices in need of a portable, fast-acting ultrasound system for emergency medicine and more.

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