FRESENIUS 4008H Dialysis Machine

For sale Used FRESENIUS 4008H Dialysis Machine. All in perfect condition. Perfect working.

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We have 25 units in stock.

Will ship worldwide.

Size 4008 S 1330 x 495 x 340 mm
Weight 80 kg

Our hemodialysis systems guarantee safety and efficiency of all important treatment modalities within the scope of renal replacement therapies, such as:

Bicarbonate or acetate dialysis
Single-Needle or single-needle click-clack
Ultrafiltration and sodium profiles
Isolated ultrafiltration / Bergström treatment

The hemodialysis equipment can be adapted by the modular combination of extensive options to special therapy modalities. The automated acquisition, monitoring and control of specific patient and machine parameters provide the operator with continuous and precise assessment of the current treatment situation.




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