Ellman Surgitron Dual RF S5

FOR SALE. Ellman Surgitron Dual RF S5.

30% discount. Click here to check the lowest price

Will ship worldwide.

Warranty 6 month.

Ellman Surgitron Dual RF S5

Powered by advanced radiowave technology, the patented Surgitron® Dual RF™ S5 energysource provides unparalleled surgical PRECISION in soft tissue cutting and coagulation. The high frequency of 4.0 MHz minimizes thermal tissue damage along the incision path.

The patented Surgitron® Dual RF™ S5 redefines your surgical results with two distinct frequencies – 4.0 MHz (Monopolar) and 1.7 MHz (Bipolar) – for outstanding precision and control.

The Surgitron® Dual RF™ S5 and the Pelleve® S5 RF energy sources are the only Ellman energy sources compatible with GlideSafe™ Wrinkle Treatment Handpieces.

Included with Purchase:
Medical Electrodes: 8
Single use Bipolar cord
Surgical hand pieces: 2
10mm Pelleve-GlideSafe Hand Piece
Microinsulated needle hand piece
Package of micro insulated needles
1/8” Electrode Pin
3-Button fingerswitch hand piece: 1
Disposable Neutral Plate
Macan Cautery device- with foot pedal, power cord, and hand piece Any applicable accessories or consumables.


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