2010 Sound Surgical Vaser 2.0


The VASER2.0 Lipo System

VASER2.0 Lipo® System, all the benefits of the VASER Classic and specifically designed to maximize viability of lipo-harvest.

New Opportunities for Your Talent

  • Enables removal of small volumes of fat (for precision contouring) or larger volumes (for rapid debulking)
  • Makes delicate and fibrous areas easy to sculpt
  • VASER-harvested fat is optimized for subsequent fat grafting

Deliver Superior Results for You and Your Patients

  • Minimally invasive with fast patient recovery
  • Ultrasound energy specifically tuned to preserve connective tissue and maintain fat cell viability
  • Clinically proven to enhance skin retraction and reduce blood loss
  • Wide array of probe options to treat all areas of the body
  • Can be conveniently performed right in your own office or as an outpatient procedure at a surgery center or hospital

This is 2010 Sound Surgical Vaser 2.0. A very perfect condition.

Included Accessories:
One 2.9 mm 3 groove probe

One 3.7 mm 1 groove probe

Two 3.7 mm 2 groove probe

Two 3.7 mm 3 groove probe

Two sets of infusion cannulas (two full tip monties, two half tip monties, and two tip monties)

Two 4.6 mm infiltration cannula

Two 3.7 mm infiltration cannula

One 3.0 mm infiltration cannula

One VASER face kit (cannula, probes, skin ports with orange disks, and handpiece nosecone)

Five probe tightening wrenches

Three black plastic pieces that attach to the suction tubing

Fifteen 4.6 mm corkscrew skin ports (size that would be used on an abdomen)

Two skin port tools and incision openers

Two nosecones (for handpiece)

4.6 mm skin ports and white disks

Two handpieces

Two wireless footswitch systems

2 “Wired” footswitches

Power Cord

For more details, Please email me at sales@bastmed.com or check directly at www.bastmed.com

Our price US$17,500 Make an offer now!! We ship worldwide.


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