GE OEC 6600 C-arm mini For Sale

GE OEC 6600 (refurbished) For Sale. 1999 Mfg.

To introduce a mini c-arm into your practice, the GE OEC 6600 may be the perfect imaging device to start you off. Available at a lower cost than its bigger counterparts and its costlier stablemates, the GE OEC 6600 comes with standard CRT monitors and a resolution of 512 x 512. With a 27” x 27” footprint, it can easily be transported for use even in space-constrained areas.

Should you need more capabilities for your expanding practice, the OEC 6600 can be upgraded with a clinical and hospital platform. These add more image processing capability. Even though GE has announced that it will no longer produce mini c-arms, parts for this unit are easily available. It has many of the same parts as the more advanced GE OEC 9600.

Small, flexible, and cost-effective, the GE OEC 6600 may be the unit to fit your space, your budget, and your requirements.

For more details and price, please check at or email us

Refurbished GE OEC 6600 Features

27” x 27” footprint
Dual 16-inch high resolution monitors
64 to 400 image storage
Edge enhancement
Motion Artifact Reduction System
Real-time averaging
Automatic digital brightness and contrast control
Gamma correction
One-shot frame integration
Fluoro boost
Foot switch
Optional DICOM accessory


General Surgery, Hand and foot surgery, Orthopedic


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