FLAT PANEL Wireless DR X-Ray Direct radiology Digital Xray

The Best Deal on Wireless Flat Panel.
Flat Panel Detector Assembly GOS
Weight: 7.7 lbs
Carbon Fiber Construction
Pixel Matrix – 2304×2800
Cassette Sized
Lithium Ion Battery

Our price 21,400 USD. Please email me your offer at sales@bastmed.com

Check the details at www.bastmed.com


Acquisition workflow management
Streamline based workflow optimal for maximum throughput
Automatic setting of acquisition parameters according to body part and system specific programmable APRs (Anatomically Programmed Radiography)
One console operation – generator parameters setting by the workstation as part of APR (optional)
Patient data entry, manually or automatically from the DICOM worklist (MWL HL7 May be Required
Urgent patient registration
Preview image typically within 4-5 seconds after exposure
Exam specific image processing for optimized image quality
Automatic backup of operator accepted images.
Review & Processing
Patient review
Window/Level Reverse Black/White (Window polarity inversion)

Image rotation

Electronic zoom with pan & scroll capabilities
Magnifying glass
Multi-scale contrast enhancement and Dynamic Range
Electronic shutter for masking of image (cropping)
Multiformat display (for printing)
Screen display formats of 1,4,9,16 within a single frame
Automatic background filming
Optimized image processing parameters

DICOM Store: Interface to DICOM storage servers
DICOM HIS/RIS MWM: Interface to Hospital/Radiology Information System’s Modality Worklist including patient registration and study information

System Computer

Dell compatible tower workstation(T1700)
Intel Core I3-4130 Processor (Dual Core, 3.40GHz), 4 GB RAM
1TB Standard Hard Drive

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