Mindray DC N3 Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Mindray DC N3 Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Like new condition. Comes with 3 probes.

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Mindray DC N3 Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Featured with an ideal combination of quality, versatility and affordability, DC-N3 is truly a redefinition of the base, providing you with best-in-class performance, efficiency and value. Equipped with real-time 4D imaging functionality and flexible configuration server, DC-N3 is an ideal entry-level system well suited for varying diagnostic requirements within the field of obstetrics and gynecology.


* Convex Array 3C5A
* Lineal Array 7L4A
* Endocavity Array V10-4B

3D Software
4D Module and Probe


DC-N3™ is equipped with advanced technologies that guarantee excellent performance. It is a unique system that is setting new standards in this segment. Serving a wide variety of diagnostic requirements with a broad range of transducers.

Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging (PSH): purified harmonic imaging
Quad-beam Formation: temporal resolution technology
iBeam™: spatial compounding
iClear™: speckle suppression technology
High Sensitivity Flow: designed to capture low velocity flow
Auto IMT: automatically detect and calculate intima-media thickness

The intelligent one key iTouch™ function instantly optimizes B, Color and PW modes
iPower: When you are on the go, iPower provides you with one hour of continuous scanning with the high capacity built in battery
Auto Measurement: Auto measurement functions like Auto Doppler Trace and Auto IMT offer you fast scanning processes and quality results
Data Management: It’s all about saving you time with one key automation functions, data management, and auto measurements. DC-N3 lets you spend more time focusing on your patients.

Reliable and practical with a smart, compact and highly adjustable shape, DC-N3 is designed to meet your every day needs. It’s all about maximizing your comfort with an innovative ergonomic design.


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