Lynton Lumina IPL HR Laser Hair Removal

Lynton Lumina IPL HR Laser Hair Removal 650nm 585nm 1064 YAG Beauty Machine

In very good condition and full working order
Purchase new in December 2014, so less than a year old
Laser has minimal use total Shots 22981.

2014 Mfg. Still under warranty. Almost new.

Make an offer now! email me at or check the details at

1 x 2014 Lynton Lumina IPL YAG Laser Hair Removal Beauty Machine
1 x Lynton 650 IPL Handpiece
1 x Lynton 650 Advance IPL Handpiece
1 x Lynton 585 Plus IPL Vascular Handpiece
1 x Lynton 1064 YAG Laser Vascular Handpiece with 3mm, 6mm, 8mm tips
1 x Set of 3 IPL light guides
4 x Safety goggles
1 x Patient goggles

The ultimate ‘build as you grow’ laser & IPL machine, offering practitioners the opportunity to dramatically increase and extend their treatment portfolio, without having to purchase numerous devices. British manufactured and listed on the NHS Supply Chain, the LUMINA offers the UK’s most in-demand treatments; hair removal, tattoo removal, anti-ageing and skin resurfacing.

Highly versatile, and with numerous revenue capabilities, the Lumina delivers fast and clinically effective treatment results with superior efficacy. As the best-selling multi-function aesthetic machine, the LUMINA has a proven track record of building, growing and establishing clinics as the No.1 in their area.

As our flagship machine, and the product of over 20 years expertise in the design, development and manufacture of laser/IPL systems, the LUMINA is specifically designed to be adaptable to address emerging applications. As well as unrivalled laser technology, the LUMINA has a built-in patient database and parameter printer, and benefits from its easy-to-use touchscreen.

1. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): the perfect combination of hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments come as standard with the LUMINA system via its 585 & 650 handpieces.

Type Wavelength(s) Maximum
Fluence Treatments Spot Sizes Maximum
rep. rate
585 Intense
Pulsed Light 550 – 1100nm 50J/cm2 Superficial Vascular
Superficial Pigmentation
Active Acne
Skin-rejuvenation 1x1cm
1cm circular 1Hz
650 Intense
Pulsed Light 625 – 1100nm 40J/cm2 Hair removal (1 to 5)
Collagen treatment 1x1cm
1cm circular 1Hz

650 Advance IPL hand-piece, which has been designed to provide faster results in hair removal of finer, lighter hairs found on the face and navel. The 650 Advance hand-piece has software optimized for the greater power it delivers, allowing experienced practitioners to treat finer and fairer hairs successfully, in skin type 1 to 3 clients in a single or dual pulse mode.


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