G5 Cellutec Body Shaping Massager, Cellutec Lotion & G5 Esthetic Wand Package

Brand New G5 Cellutec Professional Massager & Rolling Stand PLUS FREE G5 Cellutec Moisturizing Lotion AND FREE G5 Esthetic Wand

Made in the USA by General Physiotherapy.

Our best price 1,875 USD. Will ship wordlwide.
Please contact us at sales@bastmed.com for more questions.

G5-Cellutec-Body-Shaping-Massager-CellutecG5-Cellutec-Body-Shaping-Massager-Cellutec-1G5-Cellutec-Body-Shaping-Massager-Cellutec-2G5-Cellutec-Body-Shaping-Massager-Cellutec-3G5-Cellutec-Body-Shaping-Massager-Cellutec-3 G5-Cellutec-Body-Shaping-Massager-Cellutec-4

For more than 50 years, G5® electro-mechanical massage and percussion modalities have been used by therapists to compliment their “hands on” techniques. G5® modalities do not replace traditional manual techniques, but instead, help therapists to become even more effective, while at the same time reducing the effort involved, especially when performing deep massage or percussion routines.

The main benefits provided by G5® massage and percussion modalities include:

  • Powerful deep massage, or percussion, without tiring the therapist.
  • Shorter treatment time, which allows the therapist to treat more clients.
  • Combines “hands on” massage and percussion techniques with the benefits of a quiet but powerful assistive modality.

Genuine G5® brand massage and percussion products are used world-wide in the respiratory field; spa and beauty field; physical therapy field and in chiropractic and sports medicine. New applications now include the veterinary field and plastic surgery and home healthcare fields.

Genuine G5® brand massage and percussion products are recognized as the most powerful, reliable and durable in the world. No G5® brand product has ever caused any injury to any patient or client – nor any damage to any property, since our brand’s inception in 1957.
G5 Cellutec Applications

The G5 Cellutec produces a non-invasive therapy treatment for skin, scalp, tissue, muscles, lymph nodes and the circulatory system. A wide array of applicators and complete offering of Cellutec G5 Massage Lotion, Loofa Scrub, and Contouring Gel, combine with the Cellutec unit to provide aesthetic services such as cellulite reduction, exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, body contouring, skin toning and muscle relaxation. Comes complete with caster stand, accessory tray, and Spa Treatment applicator package. Continuously-variable speed: 20-60 CPS.

Unit Advantages:

  • Versatility: Pole, Table Top and Wall Mountable
  • Portability: In-mold handle and smooth casters to easily move from room to room
  • CPS Indicator on Control Panel
  • Power-on Indicator Lamp

The G5 Cellutec comes complete with the SPA Package of applicators …

AP209 Percussion Adaptor 1
AP212 Large Round Sponge 3-1/2″ 1
AP214 Fine Sponge w/Back 1
AP214FS 10 Fine Sponges 1 Pkg.
AP214FC 10 Coarse Sponges 1 Pkg.
AP215 Multiple Prong Applicator 1
AP216 Four-Ball Applicator 1
AP225 Skin & Scalp Applicator 1
AP230 Curved Sponge Applicator 1
AP242 Spa Suction Applicator (for use w/ AP209) 1
AP235D Medium Size Disposable Applicator Covers 50
AP236D Large Size Disposable Applicator Covers 50

G5 Cellutec Specifications

Power – 90VAC to 240VAC

Output – 15 to 60 CPS (cycles per second)

Control – Variable speed control knob with digital display of CPS

Use – Table, Rolling Stand (included), or Wall Mount (additional mounting hardware required)

Storage – Comes complete with tray for applicator & accessory storage

Comes complete with 4 jars of Cellutec Moisturizing Lotion.

This is a non-oily formulation rich with Vitamin E and natural aloe.   The G5 Cellutec lotion not only nourishes the skin, but it also offers excellent lubricity and glide normally only found in oils when using the G5 Cellutec.  You get not just one 16 oz. jar with pump dispenser, but FOUR jars are included with your Cellutec purchase.

But that’s not all – FREE G5 Esthetic Wand!

To help you look your best all over, we are including a FREE G5 Esthetic Wand for treatment of the face and more sensitive areas.  The G5 Esthetic Wand is a battery-powered massager made for the face, neck and more sensitive areas of the body.  Providing directional-stroking massage, the G5 Esthetic Wand can direct subcutaneous fluids away from areas exhibiting edema, such as under the eyes, and into the lymphatic drainage system.  Used once a day for 20 minutes before make-up application, the G5 Esthetic Wand can enhance your daily appearance.  Use before any time when you need to look your best!

Unit Advantages:

·  Directional-stroking massage can direct fluid away from areas exhibiting edema for drainage through the lymphatic system

·  20 minutes a day enhances the benefits of your other skin care products

·  Gentle yet effective massage action

·  Non-invasive & safe technology

·  Portable and durable construction 

·  Uses “C” batteries, not included

·  Comes with directional-stroking and massage applicators    

The G5 Cellutec normally lists for $1950.  The G5 Esthetic Wand normally lists for $125.  The 4 jars of Cellutc lotion list for $20 total.  Add that all up and you have a value over $2000! Get this great package of G5 products for over $300 off list price.

Why so cheap? Because we are authorized G5 dealer.

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