Ellman Surgitron 4.0 Dual RF 120 IEC

This is a Demo Unit and has NEVER been used in clinic settings and comes with standard one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Discount price.


Surgitron Dual RF 120 is high frequency energy source with advanced radiowave technology that  provides unparalleled surgical PRECISION in soft tissue cutting and coagulation. The high frequency of 4.0 MHz minimizes thermal tissue damage along the incision path.

Dual Surgitron offers complete VERSATILITY, with more options for use in surgical and aesthetic procedures than other energy-based platforms.

The patented Surgitron Dual RF 120 redefines your surgical results with two distinct frequencies 4.0 MHz (Monopolar) and 1.7 MHz (Bipolar) – for outstanding precision and control.

Power Cord  110V or 220V

Dual Footswitch & Cable

Foot-Controlled Handpiece

3-Button Fingerswitch Handpiece

3-Bipolar Sterile/Single-Use Cables

40 Medical Electrodes Assortment Package Sterile/Single-Use

Handpiece Clip

Bipolar Forceps

Instruction Manual

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