Olympus GF-UE160-AL5 Ultrasonic Gastroscope

The world’s first 360° electronic radial scanning scope expands the potential of EUS, combining exceptional scope capability and manoeuvrability with advanced ultrasound functionality, enabling blood flow confirmation for easier orientation in the pancreatobiliary region.

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360° ultrasound view
Providing a full 360° ultrasonic overview, enabling precise diagnostics of the GI tract and allowing an easier anatomical orientation via image rotation capability.

High resolution ultrasound images
Five different frequencies, from 5 MHz up to 12 MHz, permit the highest image quality at every scanning area.

High quality video images
Built-in CCD enables crystal clear endoscopic video images of the targeted area with white light.

Excellent manoeuvrability
The small diameter, wide angulation range (130° up, 90° down/left/right) and short distal end of the echoendoscope enables excellent manoeuvrability in order to safely display all areas of interest.

Colour and Power Doppler
Enables the investigation of vascular structures to characterise suspicious tissue findings and allow easier orientation within the pancreatobiliary region.
Tissue Harmonic Echo (THE)
Clearly delineates lesion outlines and provides improved spatial and contrast resolution of the ultrasound image. THE further improves ultrasound image quality

Endoscopic functions
Optical system Field of view 100°
Direction of view 55° forward oblique
Depth of field 3 to 100 mm
Insertion tube Distal end outer diameter Ø13.8 mm
Insertion tube outer diameter Ø11.8 mm
Working length 1,250 mm
Instrument channel Channel inner diameter Ø2.2 mm
Minimum visible distance 3 mm
Bending section Angulation range UP 130°, DOWN, 90°, RIGHT 90°, LEFT 90°
Total length 1,555 mm
Lens Cleaning Function Available
Ultrasonic functions
Display mode B-mode, M-mode, D-mode, Flow-mode, Powerflow-mode
Scanning method Electrical radial array
Scanning direction Perpendicular to insertion direction
Frequency 5/6/7.5/10MHz
Tissue Harmonic Echo 3.75S/3.75P/5.0R/5.0H
Focusing Point A maximum of 4 focusing points are available.
(between F1 to F16)
Scanning range 360°
Contacting method Ballon method
Sterille de-aerated water immersion method
Image Rotation Available

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