Chison ECO1 Portable Ultrasound Machine, Quality, Affordable-LED, FDA Approved

Chison ECO1 Portable Ultrasound Machine, Quality, Affordable-LED, FDA Approved

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Newest Portable Ultrasound Machine,Quality, Most Affordable- LED From Chison ECO1  With one probe.

De Luxe Trolley, Cart is included($999).

Battery  included.

LED screen allows seeing the image even in bright room.

FDA approved for Human use in USA. additional warranty 5% per year.

Comes like standard with Linear array probe, but the probe can be changed according the your need, bellow is the list of the probes, you can chose.

Full 2 year warranty .

High quality, latest technology, Low price.

-12″ LED screen allows viewing the image even in bright condition

-Easy image saving

-Easy to create reports,can add pictures to reports,Modern designed reports.

Newest model. At an affordable low price,  comes with 2 years warranty. Provides high frequency probe and good image quality  portable ultrasound very reliable. Excellent choice for a diagnostic tool.

Some features are listed below.

12 inch rotatable LED monitor (0 – 30 deg) adapt to different viewing angles
Ultra light and compact design, ideal for mobile services
Applications: Urology, Vascular, Small Parts, Pediatrics, Cardiology
Display Modes: B, B/B, 4B, M, B/M
Gray Scale 256 Levels
Multiple Beam forming Technology (Enhance Frame Rate, Improve Image Resolution)
240mm Max Scanning Depth (depending on the probe type)
2.5MHz – 11 MHz Probe Frequency (depending on the probe type)
Archives Management – Patient information management, Patient images record, Patient exam report.
Power Supply – AC 240V-100V, 50Hz-60Hz
A broad range of transducers available
Software packages, General measurement, OB, Obstetrics, GYN, Urology, Abdomen, Cardiac B/M mode, Vascular, Small parts, Orthopedic, Pediatrics.
Standard Configuration
Main Unit
3 x USB ports
2 x Probe connector
Linear array probe included
VGA Port
Video Port
LAN Port

Anti-Water keyboard cover
Support PC Printer


FollicleKidneyUterusFetal Hand
Fetal HeadFetal FemurElbow JointCarotid artery,B mode
Thyroid,B modeKideny,B modeUterus,B modeFetal Hand

MC5V-A 5.0 MHz Micro-Convex
MC6-A 6.0MHz Micro-Convex
V6-A 6.0 MHz Transvaginal
MC3-A 3.0 MHz Micro-Convex
L7S-A 5.3MHz-11.0MHz Linear
L7M-A 5.3MHz-10.0 MHz Linear
C3-A 3.5MHz Convex

s-l1600 (2)

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