Compumedics E-Series PSG System *Certified*

In excellent condition and is certified to proper operating specifications.

Warranty:6 months – Parts & Labor. 16 units in stock. For quick order, contact us at

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Product Description:

The Compumedics E-Series PSG System is in excellent condition and is certified to proper operating specifications. The system comprises 1 each of the following components:

  • 8008-0021: E-Series EEG/PSG Control Module.
  • 8008-0004: E-Series Power Supply.
  • 8008-0011: E-Series EEG/PSG External DC Inputs Module.
  • 8008-0010: E-Series EEG/PSG Patient Interface Box.
  • Model 3012: Nonin XPOD.
  • 3108-0004 or 3108-005: Interface Cable.
  • 3018-0007: Interface Cable.
  • Power Cable (ROHS Compliant, 10 A, 125 V).

Warranty:6 months – Parts & Labor

The E-Series is a fully digital amplifier system with a standard network interface that is compatible with most current personal computers. With 32, 44, or 64 channel configurations, these amplifier systems are appropriate for both full sleep and EEG data collection. Integrated TCP/IP architecture allows control and/or monitoring of E-Series amplifiers on the laboratory LAN from any computer on the network.

Monitor E-Series systems from your lab, your office, or even from remote sites. Easy lab installation; simply plug the E-Series into a network port, hub or switch. Your System is Your Network.

Compumedics E-Series PSG System Features:

  • 44 amplified channels – 32 referential, 12 bipolar.
  • 8 inputs for ancillary devices.
  • 3 channels from the available oximeter – SpO2, Pulse Rate, Signal Quality Status.
  • 2 pressure signals from integrated transducers.
  • Nasal pressure flow signal.
  • CPAP or esophageal pressure.
  • Total of 57 available signals.
  • Integrated impedance testing and display.
  • Ethernet 10-base-T connection.

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