Xltek Trex Ambulatory EEG

In excellent condition and is certified to proper operating specifications.

Warranty: 6 months – Parts & Labor. 16 units in stock. For quick order, contact us at sales@bastmed.com

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Product Description:

The Xltek Trex Ambulatory EEG is in excellent condition, and certified to proper operating specifications. It includes a laptop loaded with Windows 7 and Version 7 software.

Warranty:6 months Parts & Labor.

Often the only way to capture a sleep, cardiac, or neurological event is to use an ambulatory device in a patient’s home environment. Regardless of where it’s used, the device must be durable and comfortable, with dependable signal quality and long battery life. Trex is a multi-modality, full channel ambulatory recorder that’s small, lightweight, and delivers reliability, flexibility, and performance.

Trex operates easily and affordably on 2 AA batteries, and provides extended recording, with storage capacity up to 96 hours of data. Trex will promote a successful EEG screening while providing the screening data required.

Trex features 24 AC channels, 4 differential channels, and 4 DC channels plus oximetry data. It’s dual purpose – providing you with both sleep and EEG functionality – and therefore cost effective. Trex easily connects to a PC via a high-speed USB cable, and it can upload 24 hours of EEG data in less than 5 minutes. Combined with Natus NeuroWorks, the system enhances workflow with easy, intuitive functions to help you efficiently and effectively review data.

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