CryoPen X Professional Cryotherapy System

CryoPen X H&O Equipments with 8 gram cartridge

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Cryotherapy at its best.
With the possibility to use both 8g and 16g cartridges CryoPen|x can treat all skin imperfections you will be confronted with in your clinic.
4 applicators : Blue, White,Green and Yellow Dot.

° full control with on/off switch
° ready for use with 8g and with 16g cartridges
° comes with 4 micro-applicators for ultimate accuracy and flexibility
° extremely gas efficient
° reassuring refined design with aluminum housing

The CryoPen is a great unit for lesion
treatment of children and adults. By
pointing the CryoPen micro-jet directly
to the lesion the application is accurate
to the millimeter and treats only
abnormal tissue avoiding collateral
damage to adjacent healthy tissue.

The patient will only experience minor
discomfort and as a result will allow
for longer treatment and deeper
freeze for more effective results. No
anesthesia, little to no pre-operative
skin preparation or post-operative care
is needed.

Lesions To Be Treated,
But Not Limited To:
Plantar Warts
Molluscum Contagiosum
Sebaceous Hyperplasia
Actinic and
Seborrheic Keratosis
Papular Nevi
Skin Tags
Viral Verrucae
Unparalleled Cryotherapy
Plantar Wart – 2 Treatments

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