Brand new condition. Full 3 year warranty. 30 days money back return.



Vista ABI / AVS Advanced Vascular System Charge Time 3 hours CPT Code (Model: L500VA) 93924 Dimensions 10 x 12 x 3.6 inches Power 6-cell NiMH pack, 7.2V, 2000 maHr – 3 hrs continuous use or min. of 12 ABI Exams or AC Adapter (both included) Replacement Interval 1 year Stand Height 47 inches Weight 4.75 pounds L500VA – Vista AVS (Advanced Vascular System) Kit Includes Summit Doppler Vista ABI L450VA or L500VA Vista ABI 8.0 MHz Bi-Directional Probe (L500VA) PPG Probe Two 10 cm cuffs and Two 12 cm cuffs, bladder and sleeve (L500VA) Two additional 12 cm bladder and sleeve, One 1.9 cm digit, and Two 17 cm contour thigh cuffs 5 caster base rolling floor stand with basket and knobs Ultrasound gel, 60g Vista AVS Hand Controller Power supply (+7VDC) and cable Doppler cable USB cable, A/Male to B/Male Printer paper Hose set ABI chart ABI report forms (pad of 50 each) Vista AVS Manual Training video Tape measure (L500VA) New Version 2.0 Software package with full page reporting and exam storage, and capability to EMR systems L500VA Vista AVS Advanced Vascular System has the same features as the L450VA but also includes In addition to the Auto ABI, TBI calculation is featured Three modalities – Doppler, PVR, and arterial PPG In addition to the Two 10 cm and Two 12 cm, Two more 12 cm, One 1.9 cm digit cuff, and Two 17 cm Arterial Digit PPG probe Custom Segmental exams Pressure taken using Doppler or PPG probe for supine ABI and Segmental exams Individual Site Mode for customized protocols and software package for PC download capability (full page reporting and report storage)

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