Multigon Neurovision 500P *Certified*

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Product Description:

The Multigon Neurovision 500P is in excellent condition and certified to proper operating specifications.

Warranty: 1 year Parts & Labor Warranty.

The Multigon Neurovision 500P is an affordable, battery operated portable pocket TCD. The 500P’s small size and full set of features, as well as low cost, make it a perfect diagnostic tool for any setting. Intuitive and convenient one-handed operation helps clinicians conduct exams accurately and efficiently. Completed studies are stored on removable flash cards and transferred to a PC for post-processing and patient report generation. A built-in USB interface can be used for real-time date transfer to the PC, resulting in easily formatted and printer professional reports.

Common applications of the 500P include: early detection of vasospasm in subarachnoid hemorrhage, assessment of cerebral circulatory arrest, evaluation of cerebrovascular reserve, evaluation of patients with transient ischemic attack, stroke, arteriovenous malformation and syncope, evaluation of Sickly Cell Anemia, monitoring embolic events, and directly examining middle cerebral arteries during and after carotid endarterectomy to monitor re-occlusion, hyperfusion syndrome and to determine the necessity of shunting.

Multigon Neurovision 500P Features:

Soft Key Design: Holding the Neurovision 500P in one hand, clinicians can fully operate the pocket TCD with the 5-way navigator button.
The Report: Easily create professional reports in multiple formats. Display exam results with selected vessel graphics or in text only format.
File Storage: The Neurovision 500P pocket TCD file storage system allows you to archive the full patient report. When you are finished with the exam, simply click the file button from the examination screen and all your results are stored in the pocket TCD patient database. You can review, reformat, or post process your stored file on the Neurovision 500P. Files may then be archived to various, removable media.
256-color display.
Sound and Spectral Storage:
Over 25 minutes per examination.
Over 2 hours of examinations per 256 MB memory card.
256 MB removable flash memory.
Battery operation (rechargeable lithium-ion):
10 examinations between charges (based on typical usage).
Long term monitoring.
Emboli detection and counting.

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