Newman Medical simpleABI-300 Manual System

This is NIB Newman Medical simple ABI 300. We will ship worldwide. Free shipping.

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The Newman Medical simpleABI-300 Manual System is a manual, PC-Based system made for basic ABI testing (TBI optional). Purchase of this system includes simpleABI reporting software, a sensitive 8 MHz doppler, PVR waveforms, 4 cuffs (2 x 10 cm, 2 x 12 cm), manual aneroid (#PUMP-100), and mobile carry bag (#ACC-190).

Warranty: Full 2 Years.

This manual simpleABI for ABI testing is cost-effective and easy to use. Reports are customizable and printable to any standard office printer. The ABI-300 reports are produced to be attached directly to ERM records in various formats. Simplicity and ease of use make this system a great value. This simple ABI meets standard for CPT code 93922. Optional TBI testing is made possible with purchase of optional PPG Probe (#DPPG) & Digit Cuff (#CUFF-120).

One free installation is included with purchase of a Newman Medical simpleABI System. If you require installation for your previously purchased simpleABI System, contact MFI Medical Equipment.

A one level upgrade (#ABI-300 to #ABI-400CL) is available for previously purchased systems. Please contact MFI Medical Equipment for a quote.

Newman Medical simpleABI-300 Manual System Features:


  • Automatic index calculation.
  • Customizable reports.
  • “Click and Capture” PVR waveforms.
  • “Gold standard” 8 MHz doppler.


Newman Medical simpleABI-300 Manual System Warranty:


  • ABI-300: simpleABI-300 Manual System with standard Full 2 Year Warranty.
  • ABI-300-EXTD-WARR: simpleABI-300 Manual System with 3 Year Extended Warranty.

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