GE Venue 40 Portable / Tablet Ultrasound System – Color Doppler


Condition : Excellent. Demo unit. Only 2 units available


Simple sophistication
The Venue* 40 offers point-of-care ultrasound technology that’s surprisingly easy. With intuitive, pre-configured applications and a touch interface, it’s designed for easy use in anesthesia, musculoskeletal, interventional, emergency and critical care and vascular access environments.

There are no buttons, no keyboard, no knobs to complicate the process or slow you down. Just gel and go.
High-resolution images for a high level of confidence
Needle recognition feature helps provide accurate vision in three key areas#needle, anatomy and motion – to help accurately reveal the structure of a needle within anatomy, without distortion.
Precisely visualize your target and surrounding anatomy # all with defined edges and detail.
Power Doppler Imaging (PDI) highlights vascular sensitivity for fine vascularity and low flow.

PDI quantification for diagnosis and monitoring.
Power Doppler Imaging (PDI) sensitivity helps verify the presence of blood flow to help detect small vessels, inflammation and disease states in both adult and pediatric patients.

Color and PDI quantification helps evaluation of the amount of blood flow within a specific area to assist with diagnosis and monitoring. Remarkably easy to use # regardless of your application.

Work faster with intuitive, pre-configured application settings.

Touch interface allows easy operation.
Quick boot-up time helps you respond fast when time is critical.
Stylus allows for quick patient data entry.
Adjustable height and screen tilt offers enhanced comfort and helps efficiency.

Available Transducers:
4C-SC Convex
12L-SC Linear Array
L8-18i-SC Linear Array
3S-SC Phased Array
E8CS-SC Endovaginal

10.4″ LCD touchscreen
ATO [Auto Tissue Optimization ]
SD card slot
USB port
120 MB CINE loop memory
B Mode
B Steer Plus [Advanced Needle Visualization]
Power Doppler
Directional Color Doppler


The GE Venue 40 represents a new wave of tablet-based portable ultrasound machines that actually work. The Venue 40 is designed for specific markets, often known as “Point of Care” situations. These include the growing number of physicians using ultrasound at bedside for vascular access, anesthesia, interventional, MSK, and basic cardiac function. The Venue 40 has quickly become one of our most popular refurbished ultrasound machines for this rapidly emerging market.

The Venue 40 is a tablet-based portable ultrasound unit that has excellent image quality and is very small and lightweight. We were fascinated by its innovation and how it raised the bar for the new wave of tablet-based ultrasound machines. Image quality is outstanding, it’s easy-to-use, intuitive, and designed well for this market.

Image quality: The Venue 40 has CrossXBeam and Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI) technologies, providing excellent image quality. Also, PW and Color Doppler are available as options.

The touchscreen interface is also very easy to keep clean, which is important as this will often be used in a sterile environment.

Finally, the price point is fantastic.

GE Venue 40 Review
Simply put, this thing is cool and it actually works. It’s not a Franken-Ultrasound like many manufacturers look to create today. It is designed for a specific market and doesn’t try to be everything-to-everyone. GE did a nice job creating this one.

Aside from the great image quality, there are some other great features about the Venue 40. You can connect it directly to a computer or save images on an SD or USB flash drive.

Our customers use the Venue 40 for regional anesthesia, orthopedic/MSK applications, needle guidance and interventional applications. They’re simply blown away by the quality for the price they paid. In fact, the price of the Venue 40 unit makes it an easy choice for those looking to add ultrasound to their practice or hospital. Beware, however, if you get one, you’ll have a lot of people asking you about it and wanting one of their own.

GE Venue 40 Features
Ease of use
Image quality
Touchscreen interface
SRI Speckle Reduction Imaging
Color and PW Doppler available as option
Mobile docking station as option
Linear, convex, and phased array transducer capabilities
Fully Digital
Export to SD media, USB Flash drive, or connect directly to a computer
much more…

Anesthesia, Breast, Emergency Medicine, General Imaging, Interventional Procedures, Musculoskeletal, Orthopedic, Portable, Small Parts, Thyroid, Vascular

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