ESAOTE Mylab One Portable Ultrasound Machine Demo condition

With SL3323, SL3235, SL3116 Transducers & Carrying Case.

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Esaote MyLab One/Touch is a tablet-style portable ultrasound machine that can be mounted or “arm-held” with straps for the clinician’s arm. The used MyLabOne tablet ultrasound machine is designed for point-of-care situations, such as emergency room, anesthesia, orthopedics, sports medicine, vascular screening and other situations where a quick and accurate ultrasound imaging tool is required.

Many of its key uses involve superficial imaging, and the MyLab One/Touch features a transducer with frequencies up to 22MHz.

The used MyLab One/Touch is larger than most tablet solutions, however it has many different mounting solutions, such as a desk mount, cart mount, wall mount and even straps for an arm-held solution.

Esaote MyLab One/Touch Features:

2D, M-Mode
PW/Color/Power Doppler
CW Doppler option
Integrated Stress Echo option
Stand-by mode allows for fast booting
Wide format 16:10 LCD monitor
High definition touchscreen
eTouch Smart Key customizable touchscreen display
eKnob Smart Key creates a shortcut for most commonly used parameters
iQprobe “appleprobe” compatible
TEI Tissue Enhancement Imaging
Tp-View enlarged trapezoidal view on linear transducers
CMM Compass M-Mode
XView Speckle Reduction technology
TVM Tissue Velocity Mapping for LV motion analysis
VPan panoramic extended field of view
XStrain strain rate analysis of myocardial function
RF-QIMT Intima Media Thickness measurement
4 USB ports and integrated CD/DVD driver

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