Selling a used Synthes Titanium Locking Radius Instrument Set that was removed from service in good working condition.  This item is being sold as pictured and includes: Please email us for a complete inventory or questions
310.509 1.8mm Drill Bit (x2)
310.19 2.0mm Drill Bit (x2)
310.530 2.4mm Drill Bit (x2)
310.26 2.7mm Drill Bit (x2)
319.006 2.0/2.4mm Depth Gauge
319.01 2.7mm Depth Gauge
323.26 2.7mm Drill Guide
323.202 2.4mm Drill Guide
323.029 Threaded Drill Guide (x2)
311.43 Handle w/ QC
329.922 Threaded Bending Pin
324.084 Insert
314.468 Holding Sleeve
314.467 T8 Screwdriver Shaft
304.206 Module Rack Fully Stocked
690.484 Module Rack Fully Stocked
492.12 .25mm Ti-Wire
492.16 .6mm Ti-Wire
399.48 Periosteal Elevator Straight Edge
399.481 Periosteal Elevator Round Edge
319.39 Sharp Hook
398.41 Reduction Forceps-Broad
399.97 Reduction Forceps
398.95 Termite Forceps
329.12 Bending Pliers

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