Chison ECO1 Portable Ultrasound Machine Quality Affordable-LED FDA Approved

New condition. I will ship worldwide. 30 days money back return. 1 year warranty.
My best price US$3,999

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Newest Portable Ultrasound Machine,Quality, Most Affordable- LED From Chison ECO1  With one probe.

De Luxe Trolley, Cart is included.

Battery  included.

LED screen allows seeing the image even in bright room.

FDA approved for Human use in USA. additional warranty 5% per year.

Comes like standard with Linear array probe, but the probe can be changed according the your need, bellow is the list of the probes, you can chose.

Full 2 year warranty .

High quality, latest technology, Low price.

-12″ LED screen allows viewing the image even in bright condition

-Easy image saving

-Easy to create reports,can add pictures to reports,Modern designed reports.

Newest model. At an affordable low price,  comes with 2 years warranty. Provides high frequency probe and good image quality  portable ultrasound very reliable. Excellent choice for a diagnostic tool.

Some features are listed below.

12 inch rotatable LED monitor (0 – 30 deg) adapt to different viewing angles
Ultra light and compact design, ideal for mobile services
Applications: Urology, Vascular, Small Parts, Pediatrics, Cardiology
Display Modes: B, B/B, 4B, M, B/M
Gray Scale 256 Levels
Multiple Beam forming Technology (Enhance Frame Rate, Improve Image Resolution)
240mm Max Scanning Depth (depending on the probe type)
2.5MHz – 11 MHz Probe Frequency (depending on the probe type)
Archives Management – Patient information management, Patient images record, Patient exam report.
Power Supply – AC 240V-100V, 50Hz-60Hz
A broad range of transducers available
Software packages, General measurement, OB, Obstetrics, GYN, Urology, Abdomen, Cardiac B/M mode, Vascular, Small parts, Orthopedic, Pediatrics.
Standard Configuration
Main Unit
3 x USB ports
2 x Probe connector
Linear array probe included
VGA Port
Video Port
LAN Port

Anti-Water keyboard cover
Support PC Printer


FollicleKidneyUterusFetal Hand
Fetal HeadFetal FemurElbow JointCarotid artery,B mode
Thyroid,B modeKideny,B modeUterus,B modeFetal Hand

MC5V-A 5.0 MHz Micro-Convex
MC6-A 6.0MHz Micro-Convex
V6-A 6.0 MHz Transvaginal
MC3-A 3.0 MHz Micro-Convex
L7S-A 5.3MHz-11.0MHz Linear
L7M-A 5.3MHz-10.0 MHz Linear
C3-A 3.5MHz Convex

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