Stryker System 6 Set with Batteries, System 6 Charger and Sterilization Tray

This set is in perfect/cosmetic condition. Feel free to email me at for more details. I will ship world wide. 120 days money back warranty.

Please click here to check our best price


(1) Stryker Single Trigger Rotary Handpiece 6203
(1) Stryker Sagittal Saw 6208
(1) Stryker Reciprocating Saw 6206
(1) Stryker Adjustable Pin Collet 2.0mm-3.2mm 6203-126
(1) Stryker Wire Collet 6203-62
(1) Stryker Hudson Attachment 6203-113
(1) Stryker 1/4″ Stryker Adj. Keyed Chuck Attachment 6203-131 w/key
(1) Stryker System 6 Hudson Modified Trinkle Attachment 6203-135
(4) Stryker Batteries 6215
(1) Stryker System 6 Battery Charger 6110-120

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