Medtronic Midas Rex EM200 Stylus Spinal Drill Set

Medtronic Midas Rex EM200 Stylus Spinal Drill Set. Complete, excellent working. 120 days money back warranty. We have 5 set in stock / 2 sold.

We got this equipment from bankrupt hospital, email me for further information at Our best price US$3,600

Will ship worldwide.



1. Medtronic EHS Console Model EC200
2. Medtronic EHS Foot Pedal for EC200
3. Medtronic EM200 Stylus Drill with OEM Connector
4. Yellow Cable to Connect Foot Pedal to EC200 Console
5. Three Attachments of your choice***
6. Midas Rex Sterilization Case
7. Power Cord

Attachments Available Shown Below

Medtronic TT15
Medtronic TT12
Medtronic TT15H
Medtronic TT18H
Medtronic F1-B5
Medtronic MC/ASMC
Medtronic AS21
Medtronic AA14S
Medtronic AS08
Medtronic F2-B1
Medtronic AT10A
Medtronic TT14A
Medtronic F3-S1
Medtronic AS10
Medtronic AS14
Medtronic AC16
Medtronic AS09
Medtronic AA075
Medtronic AS10S
Medtronic AS14S
Medtronic TT12C
Medtronic AT10
Medtronic AS09S

About the Attachments:

Small Bore Attachments
Accommodate Legend 2.4 mm diameter tools

Large Bore Attachments
Accommodate Legend 3.2 mm diameter tools

Angled Attachments
With a tapered design to facilitate surgical visibility

Telescoping Attachments
Tapered curved, straight, angled, and hooded options

Footed Attachments
Also referred to as craniotomes, footed attachments help provide protection for soft tissue when cutting through bone

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