CONMED System 5000 Electrosurgical Unit

CONMED System 5000 Electrosurgical Unit
Comes complete with Bi & Monopolar Foot-Swicthes

This is Brand New Conmed system 5000. Never used. For quick order email me at I will ship worldwide. Only 1 unit left in stock. We accept PayPal.

This is a new in box CONMED Electrosurgery Electrosurgical System 5000 Model # 60-8005-001 Unit.  These were shelf units removed from a government  facility. They are 2013 models that are in factory sealed boxes except for the one we opened for pictures. The first one sold will receive the factory sealed box.
ConMed System 5000 ESU Features:

Dynamic Response Technology: Delivers optimal clinical effects through continuous synchronization of current and voltage. It samples the current and voltage 450,000 times per second, which enables it to respond to tissue impedance changes in less than 10 milliseconds.
General Mode: Traditionally used in open procedures.
Fluids Mode: Quick start-up in fluid environments, such as urology or arthroscopy.
Laparoscopic Mode: Limits output voltage to minimize potential harmful effects of capacitive coupling and insulation breakdown.
Pulse Cut: Useful when precise cutting effect is needed around delicate structures.
Pulse Coag: Provides superficial hemostasis via pulsing bursts of coagulation energy.
Bipolar Output Meter: Provides feedback on desiccation levels via audible and visual indicators.
ARM (Automatic Return Monitoring): Provides advanced warning of compromised patient to dispersive electrode contact.
Can be seamlessly integrated with the ConMed AER Defense Smoke Evacuation System.

ConMed System 5000 ESU Specifications:

Output Control System: Dynamic Response.
CQM Range/Trip Point: 10-15 ? / 30%.
Cooling System: Convection/Fan.
Power Display Accuracy: 10% or 3 W @ Rated Load.
Technology: Isolated RF Output.
Weight: 21.5 lbs (9.75 kg).
Dimensions: 5.5 x 13.5 x 21.5″ (9.75 x 35 x 54.6 cm).

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