Ethicon Endo-Surgery Generator G11 For SALE

Ethicon Endo-Surgery Generator G11 Harmonic Scalpel & cart For SALE

What’s Included:
1X – Ethicon EES Generator      Ref: GEN11
1X – Ethicon GEN11 Foot Switch      Ref: FSW11
1X – Ethicon GEN11 ENSEAL® instruments Connector      Ref: EGA11
1X – Ethicon Output Verification Key    Ref : Gen11VK
1X – Ethicon GEN11 HARMONIC® (HP054 & HPBlue) Connector       Ref: HGA11

1x – Harmonic Scalpel & cart


This equipment in refurbished condition. 1 year warranty for parts. 9o days money back return. For more details and quick order, please email me at

I will ship worldwide, buyer pay for shipping and insurance. My best price US$9,500


Features: Coagulation, with thermofusion

Type: Ultrasonic


The Ethicon Endo-Surgery generator provides access to HARMONIC® and ENSEAL® technology that is essential in today’s surgical procedures. It has a minimalist approach and will give you you the information you need. It is intuitive to use too. It has the ability to power the current and next generation of HARMONIC® and ENSEAL® surgical devices. The compact design makes it easy to be moved around, and takes up very little space in the operating rooms. It reduces the need to purchase capital equipment and it gives your hospital the ability to access the technology of tomorrow.

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