Optovue RTVue Fourier Domain HD OCT System with Table Printer

Optovue RTVue Fourier Domain HD OCT System w Table Printer & Warranty

For sale Optovue RTVue Fourier Domain HD OCT. In excellent condition, perfect working.

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The most comprehensive OCT. I will ship worldwide. 30 days money back guarantee.

1 year warranty parts & labor. Pay securely with PayPal.

RTVue Fourier-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography System

As the first Fourier/spectral-doman OCT system in the US, the RTVue FD-OCT set the standard for high-speed, high-resolution tomography scanning. Allowing discrete layers of the retina, as well as the full choroid, to be visualized clinically for the first time, the 5 micron resolution images have ushered in a new era of retina pathology documentation and diagnostic imaging. Comparative studies have demonstrated that the system offers earlier detection of minute changes in pathology than time-domain based systems, allowing for earlier intervention and better outcomes for patients.

The RTVue system uses an IR “live view” alignment camera to allow for natural dilation of the patients pupil. Scans can be accomplished. The infra-red fundus image is acquired without a flash or visible light to irritate the patient’s eyes.

All captured scans are posted immediately for individual review prior to saving the data set. Due to the absence of constriction causing illumination at any phase of the capture session, repeat scans can be imaged immediately.

The system provides a number of advanced features, designed by OCT thought leaders, allowing clinician to explore new clinical methods.


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