OLYMPUS CIRCON ACMI DUR-8 Flexible Ureteroscope

This is refurbished Ureteroscope. 1 year warranty. 30 dasy money back return.

I will ship worldwide, for further questions, please email me at sales@bastmed.com

My best price US$3,100

Click here for full details.



The DUR®-8 Durable Flexible Ureteroscope permits direct visualization and access to the entire intrarenal collecting system with little or no dilation.

The DUR®-8 is also ideal for reaching proximal ureteral and renal stones with a 200 micron laser fiber or small lithotripsy probe. The DUR®-8 in combination with the Gyrus ACMI 1.9 Fr or 3 Fr electrohydraulic lithotripsy probe is a cost-effective treatment option for treating stone patients.

Proximal Diameter 10.1 FR
Mid Diameter 9.4 FR
Distal Tip 6.75 FR
Field of View 80 deg
Workging Length 65cm
Direction of View 12 deg (air) 9 deg (water)
Working Channel 3.6 FR
Active Angulation 170 up / 180 down

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